Thursday, March 18, 2010

Deb Allison-Aasby: Main St Communication

I had the good fortune to attend a fabulous meeting today (Friday, March 5, 2010) at City Hall to discuss the Main Street road construction project beginning March 15, 2010.

Vinton Construction, who was awarded the bid, was present to discuss the plan and answer questions. It is very apparent that Vinton's President and Area Supervisor are very in tune with the needs of the Main Street businesses and residents.

In order to make this as painless as possible for us, they made the decision last week to do sections of Main Street versus shutting down all of Main Street. It will be done in phases beginning with Ceape to Algoma Blvd.

Many of us were very impressed and pleased with their communication. This company appears to be a "class act" and I for one are thrilled they are here. The end result of this project will be a phenomenal step in the right direction for all of Oshkosh.

By Deb Allison-Aasby